Air Perfume

Sniffing an ‘Appetite’ for business!

We’re sure all of you have at least once in your lifetime been lured by the wafting smell of fresh waffles or cookies being sold down the street. You change the route to your workplace only to grab one of those freshly made waffles. That is the power of a smell that gives you an appetite. But how does Air Perfume work in restaurant spaces?

Sounds a bit fancy but those who are in the restaurant business know what we’re talking about. The Aroma inside the restaurant is part of the ambiance and decides how much time the customer chooses to spend in it while spending their money indulging in what the restaurant has to offer.

But aromas aren’t just important in upping the restaurant business game; it turns out to be a significant game changer. Scent Marketing helps retailers, gyms, spas, hospitals, casinos, offices and shopping centres alike.


Want to know how it works? Here is how:

You walk inside a restaurant that sells fried chicken. Well, you expect the obvious smell of fried chicken to be filled inside the restaurant. But instead, you are surprised with a rather fresh smell of lime and thyme, which immediately lifts your mood.

Now, imagine entering the restaurant where everything including the fried chicken smells just like fried chicken. Not that pleasant right?


This is where we come in. We give you the fried chicken in a restaurant feel with a scent that wants you to grab some steak!

At ECOSCENT we believe that “Scents have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will”, in the words of Patrick Suskind from the novel, Perfume – the story of a murderer. We aren’t murderers but we most certainly are marketers!


We have already told you how Air Perfume works. Now allow us to tell you WHY WE WORK.

• We don’t just have the technology but we also have the expertise.

• We have done extensive research into customer buying patterns to help come up with scent palettes that can be targeted at specific spaces.

• We believe in an association that lends both professional and emotional support.

• We are open to queries and take out time to address any issues our customers might have.

• Most importantly, we recognise the power of a scent.