Gucci Retail Signature Scent

Gucci Retail joins EcoScent to supply and install their Signature Scent into 10 stores from Q4 2016.

EcoScents Director of Sales Christopher Smart Comments:

We are very excited about working with such an iconic brand like Gucci, We believe at EcoScent smells are more quickly and strongly associated with memories than visual or auditory cues, because smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain’s limbic system, which houses emotions and memories.

A study done in 2013 by the Global Journal of Commerce and Management Perspective said that ambient scent has the strongest impact when it comes to enhancing consumer behavior in terms of emotion, evaluation, willingness to return to a store and purchase intention.

The Gucci Retail Signature Scent trial will be rolled out to a further 15 stores in Q2 2017.

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