Don’t let your rebrand be two dimensional!

Every once in a while, it’s time to ring the changes and shake things up a little. A rebrand can be a fantastic tool to promote your business, but only if it’s executed right!

Updating your brand visually is only one of the aspects to a rebrand. Your customers may like your new colour scheme or sleek new logo, however, what a consumer really cares about is how your brand works for them. How can your brand make life easier and happier for them?

Consider your rebrand as a change of direction, a fresh start and a chance to really show your customers what you can offer them and what you can make them feel. Scent marketing could be a key factor in your brand strategy; research has shown that 75% of human emotion relating to memory is directly connected to scent. Here’s your opportunity to create a 360 brand experience to get your customer base right in the feels!

Whether it’s making your office smell irresistible to visitors or drawing in the crowds to your retail store, look great, smell great and be remembered!

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