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Step into Christmas with Festive Fragrance

It’s the time of year where families gather together and long lasting memories are made. One of the most prominent senses over the festive period is the sense of smell; mulled wine on the stove, Christingle oranges and the warm scent of relatives’ perfumes as hugs are shared.

It’s no surprise that fragrance sales peak during the festive season. According to the MBNA, 33% of people say that memories provoked the purchase of perfume for themselves or a loved one. Based on this data, we can see how important aroma is not only in remembering events and experiences, but within relationships too.

The NPD researched the use of home fragrance ahead of homemakers receiving guests. It was found that 84% of women and a similar percentage of men will use home scenting products if expecting company. When one thinks about preparing a house for visitors, fragrance is often near the top of the list of priorities. The aim is to present a warm, welcoming home filled with joy and positivity, an extremely important part of Christmas!

With thousands of households purchasing festive candles, reed diffusers and room sprays, the hospitality and retail sectors have the perfect opportunity to utilize homely and festive fragrances in their establishments. Welcome customers with the comforting scent of childhood Christmases gone by – an emotive connection can be instantly established promoting sales and brand loyalty.

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