Love Is In The Air – Or Is That Just Roses?

Valentines day, alongside Christmas is one of the most fruitful times of year for fragrance sales. In the USA, fragrance sales increased by 12% during Valentines week in 2018. There’s no doubt that people go crazy for fragrance this season!

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia published a study stating that 54% of people associate perfume and fragrance with falling in love and 68% said fragrance made them feel more confident.

With scent harnessing the ability to alter confidence and mood, it’s a no brainer that the atmosphere can be altered with a good room fragrance. Whether you’re looking to create a sophisticated vibe or are aiming for a sweet and playful tone, EcoScent have fragrance oils ranging from White Suede through to Apple Pie! Celebrate valentines not only with the one you love but the fragrance you love!

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