Storytelling for Success

Breaking up the daily grind is important for guests when travelling. Where they stay has the potential to make or break a holiday. Storytelling can be the perfect marketing opportunity from many perspectives. Initially, Hotels must be able to enchant potential guests through the Hotel’s narrative. In turn, if guests have a positive experience of their stay, they’re likely to tell their friends and make recommendations.

Many report that selecting fragrances that suit their Hotel’s overall vibe and general guest demographic is preferred over selecting specifically feminine or masculine fragrances.

This creates a mood and persona for the Hotel itself. Some Hotels seek to portray an elegant atmosphere, presenting their guests with lavish luxury. Others aim to be a home from home for their guests, diffusing comforting scents into the air.

An academic study published online in the International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration in September 2017 found that happiness and delight were the most dominant emotions evoked by the hotel scent used in the research. Those emotions were positively associated with the respondents’ future intentions to visit the hotel again.

– Hotel News Now

For example, should you want to formulate a clean and fresh atmosphere, a place for guests to clear their heads, White Lily, Ginger and Cedarwood are popular fragrance notes for this purpose. Should your hotel be more of a heritage establishment, notes of Leather, Nutmeg, Tobacco and Musks are popular.

It’s all about creating a narrative around your business. After all, as millennials become the business travellers of today, general managers must be mindful that they are marketing to a generation who value experiences over material objects. This is an area where scent marketing can really benefit business owners by giving back to the market they are seeking to inhabit. It’s been said that is something cannot be shared with friends, colleagues or even social media, it isn’t worth perusing.

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