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As the leading provider of scent marketing solutions for brands, hotels, showrooms and retailers, EcoScents scent technology transforms the perception of your commercial identity and environment. Proven to enhance the appeal of any environment, our scent machines can be customised to reflect even the most challenging environment or brand.

At EcoScent we believe in a green planet and creating less carbon footprints, thats why all of our scent machines and aroma oils are made from eco friendly products. Our state of the art scent machines are made from ultra light, laser cut recycled aluminum. Depending on the model of the scent diffuser our refill bottles are made from aluminum and PET plastic and are 100% recyclable.

We assist brands in the creation of a perfect ambience through scent. Our scent technology transforms the perception of your commercial identity and environment into a brand that not only memorable but also unique.

We harness the power of emotion linked with smell and put it to work for your business. We have helped our clients create unique and memorable environments, fix problems with bad odors, and brand products from coffee to designer clothes and perfumes to shampoos. We lure people in, we make them stay longer, we make them want to come back and we make them remember a brand. Our designated fragrance designers can develop signature blends and recipes to match any environment of brand.