The Scenting Specialists

Fully Customisable Scenting Solutions

Harnessing the power of emotion can be linked with smell. We help our clients create unique and memorable environments, fix problems with bad odors, and brand products from coffee to designer clothes, and perfumes to shampoos. EcoScents designated fragrance designers can develop and analyse any fragrance or combination of fragrance blends, just for you.

Our scent range offers unlimited possibilities, drawing from 54 pure essential oil blends and more than 70,000 perfume quality aroma oils. Using only the highest quality scents from around the world we ensure that all scents deliver a consistent and appealing scent without the harsh undertones of many chemical-based scents.

Custom Scent Design and Matching Services

EcoScents dedicated and experienced team of designers reflect the integrity and quality of our products to ensure our products remain at the cutting edge of scent diffusion technology and provide businesses with tailor made scenting solutions and diffuser designs.

  • Custom Scent creation (we help you create the best scent for your particular brand and needs).
  • Custom Scent Matching. We will analyse your existing fragrance and match it with accuracy.
  • Recommend the best scent machine diffuser for your space requirements.
  • Offer special pricing and services for larger scale clients.

EcoScent also offers customised all-inclusive scent subscription packages designed to suit your budget.  Replenishment oils are automatically sent as needed to create a worry free environment for you and your business. We also offer a wide selection of fragrances to choose from to easily switch scents to accommodate for branding and marketing changes.

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