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Leisure Fragrances

Leisure Fragrances


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Summer Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A fresh fragrance with top notes of lemon, lime & warm ginger with a heart of jasmine.

Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A unmistaken natural vibrant green aroma of freshly cut lush rich grass.

Bamboo & White Grapefruit Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A vibrant, fruity accord of freshly sliced grapefruit, apple, orange and bergamot.

Clean Air Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A clean floral scent with a base of musk & woods.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A combination of green citrus fresh limes and zesty mandarins.

Mandarin, Lime & Basil Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A popular fresh citrusy herbal scent with notes of sweet orange, thyme, lily and patchouli.

Mountain Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A fresh woody fragrance with notes of black pepper, clove and nutmeg.

Holiday/Spa/Beach Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A fresh ozonic scent with notes of coconut sending you straight to the coast!

Ozonic Fragrance Oil - 500ml

Pink pepper, aromatic basil supported by neroli, watery jasmine & orange blossom.


9 Item(s)