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The days are drawing in and there's a chill in the air which means one thing - Halloween! Whether you want to fragrance your establishment with traditional spices or sweet toffee apple, view our selection to find the perfect seasonal scent.

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Woodsmoke Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A blend of forest woods and smokey sweet barbecue - a campfire dream!

Pecan Pie Fragrance Oil - 500ml

The homely scent of caramelised roasted pecans with buttery pastry and notes of praline.

Cinnamon & Nutmeg Fragrance Oil- 500ml

A warming scent- notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla.

Twilight Woods Fragrance Oil - 500ml

An ethereal woody fragrance with sweet fruit and berry.

Pumpkin & Chestnut Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A rich edible accord blending notes of juicy orange and warming clove.

Witches Brew Fragrance Oil - 500ml

The smoky woody sweetness of balsamic resins and patchouli

Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A warming pumpkin fragrance laced with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Toffee Apple Fragrance Oil - 500ml

This irresistible fragrance blends a tart apple centre with the buttery toffee coating.

Scarlet Goth Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A sweet spicy oriental aroma with top notes of orange blossom.

Vanilla & Spice Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A rich, edible smelling, spicy accord of cream vanilla in harmony with cinnamon.

Magic Potion Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A magical blend of Japanese grapefruit and mandarin.


11 Item(s)