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Scent delivery system for large areas with coverage up to 2000 cubic metres.
  • The EcoScent Deimos HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning System) scent delivery system is ideal for creating long-lasting ambient scent in your large-scale environment.
  • Ideal for medium commercial areas.
  • With its advanced diffusion technology, the Deimos safely releases fragrance into your existing heating and air conditioning ventilation systems without sprays, aerosols or heated oils.
  • Adjustable duration and intensity settings make it easy for you to customise the scent output for any environment.
  • This scent machine has a built in fan to disperse the scent so a slight fan noise will be heard when the unit is in operation.

Key Features

    • Installation: Stand alone or connected to your air conditioning system.
    • Coverage is up to 2000 cubic metres.  
    • 500ml oil capacity, easy access to refill.  Signature scent lasts approximately 1-2 months depending on aroma concentration and hours of use.
    • Timer system allows settings for operation times.
    • Aroma Oil Chamber: 500ml
    • Size: W215mm x D130mm x H320mm
    • Voltage: DC12V
    • Power: 14W
    • Noise Level: 42 dba
    • Net Weight: 7kg
    • Colour: White or Black
    • Connecting Pipe Socket: 16mm
    • Key with lock facility

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