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EcoScent TITAN 400

Floor standing system for large sized areas with coverage up to 1500 cubic metres.
  • EcoScent Titan 400 scent delivery system is the ideal solution for creating ambient scenting in any business setting.
  • Ideal for large commercial areas - hotel, gyms, conference halls, trade show, theatres, meeting rooms, retail shop, bars, VIP reception room.
  • The Titan 400 uses dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays or aerosols.  The Titan 400 scent system offers adjustable duration and scent intensity settings — making it easy for you to customise the scent output for your chosen environment.
  • This scent machine has a built in fan to disperse the scent so a slight fan noise will be heard when the unit is in operation.

Key Features

    • Installation: Stand alone only.
    • Coverage is up to 1500 cubic metres.  
    • 500ml of fragrance lasts approximately 45 days at 60% aroma concentration.
    • Timer system allows settings for operation times, choice of day etc.
    • Aroma Oil Chamber: 500ml
    • Size: W115mm x D115mm x H520mm
    • Voltage: DC12V
    • Power: 14W
    • Noise Level: <50 dba
    • Net Weight: 9 kg
    • Colour: Black
    • Key with lock facility

    Customer Reviews

    Powerful System Review by David J
    We have a large customer waiting area and we bought one of these upon recommendation and it does the job perfectly. (Posted on 22/09/2017)
    Amazing Review by Ken T
    Much better than any other scent machine i've seen before, stylish & works wonders, in fact I might have to buy another one! (Posted on 12/09/2017)
    Very happy! Review by Ben S.
    Just received two of these scent machines and am very happy. We are using them in our conference rooms, they look really cool and scent the area well. (Posted on 23/05/2017)

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