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EcoScent Metis

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Small triangular column scent machine with coverage up to 200 cubic metres.
  • EcoScent Metis Triangular Scent Machine has a modern and sleek design with a black gloss finish.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial areas - Toilets, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, small retail store, VIP reception room, hotel lobby, Spa's and much more.
  • This scent machine is silent in operation with scent coverage up to 200 cubic metres.
  • The EcoScent Metis scent machine uses a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils.

Key Features

    • Installation: Stand alone, desk top. 
    • Coverage is up to 200 cubic metres.  
    • Fragrance lasts approximately 30 days at 60% aroma concentration.
    • Aroma oil bottle capacity of 100ml.
    • Touch control and timer system for operation.  Easy to contol the fragrance concentration and operation times.
    • Size: H 263mm x W 92mm
    • Voltage: DC12V
    • Power: 5W
    • Noise Level: <38 dba
    • Net Weight: 0.75kg
    • Colours: Black

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