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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use EcoScent to scent my space?

- Studies have shown that the sense of smell is the strongest of the five senses to trigger memory. Some say that seventy-five percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by scent. - EcoScents ambient scenting is a powerful marketing tool that touches your customer’s emotions, can be a key factor in product perception and in triggering nostalgic memories which can ultimately lead to making purchasing decisions or return visits. - Ambient scenting creates a pleasant environment for your customers, colleagues and visitors; into a space they will want to work, linger in and return to.

How does EcoScent Ambient Scenting work?

- EcoScent fragrance machines feature a newly patented diffusion system. Our scenting systems featuring advanced diffusion technology that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry mist and releases it directly into your environment. You can view our range of signature scents here. We also offer a custom scent service.

Can I make my own fragrance?

- We regularly make fragrances for clients, whether it is a branding exercise, corporate identity or an advertising campaign we have made many weird and wonderful fragrances. See our custom scent service.

Do I have a choice of ambient scents?

- EcoScent offer over 500 different fragrances, a selection of signature scents which can be viewed here. Please contact us if there is a specific fragrance you are looking for. Signature scents can be developed exclusively for each client and are available upon request for an additional development fee..

How much space can I scent with an EcoScent Scenting Unit?

- Our scent delivery systems vary. Depending on the unit, we can supply scent systems that cover from 50 cubic meters to 15,000 cubic metres.

How about installation and servicing?

- EcoScents scenting systems uses a small amount of AC power. Full fitting and ongoing care instructions will be made available following your purchase along with a full free aftersales service. There are minimum maintenance and servicing requirements with our systems. Installation can also be arranged, please contact us at

Rent or Buy? Is it possible to hire room fragrance devices and scents?

- With flexible contract terms you can select a rental term that suits your budget and circumstances the best. - Rentals include the supply of both equipment and signature scent fragrances. Fragrances are supplied on a regular basis with the option of a scheduled service and fragrance replenishment to suit your business requirements. - Rental options apply to selected scent machines and offer maximum flexibility, ultimately it's the use of the equipment not the ownership that produces benefits and profits. - EcoScent also offers a purchase facility for our entire range of scent machines which can be combined with a contract for the regular supply of fragrances and an optional service and fragrance replenishment to suit your business requirements.

Is EcoScent Ambient Scenting better than the conventional system I use now?

- EcoScent air treatment system does not use heavy droplets. Its micron-size particles are so light they float and uniformly treat the air throughout the space. In fact, EcoScents signature scent particles are 1/50 the size of aerosol particles and uses 1/125,000 as much liquid.

Will Ambient Scenting cause an allergic reaction?

- According to OSHA standards, the fragrance and scents being diffused through EcoScents air treatment system fall far below the OSHA regulated ‘Allergy Triggers’. Because of the small particle size, with a scent effect of less than one particle per million (PPM). The allergy threshold for most people is over 100 PPM. -Our fragrances are made of high quality ingredients manufactured under the strict guidelines of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association). To the present day we are not aware of any allergy caused by our scents, when used according to our recommendations.

Customer safety is crucial to us. How safe is EcoScent Ambient Scenting?

- Ingredients are essential oil based with inert fragrance, base and odour neutralising materials. All fragrances supplied have been checked for safety and have safety data sheets available upon request.

How do I dispose of the Signature Scent Consumables?

Being an eco and environmentally friendly company is very important to EcoScent. The fragrance oils are supplied in recycled plastic bottles which are considered to be the most eco-friendly, made from post-consumer products and are recyclable at the end of their useful life without harming the environment. 

Which room scent is right for my needs?

- Everybody's situation is different. We have over 500 Scents to choose from and we are committed to finding the right one for you. Please contact us for advice; during a short telephone conversation, we can discuss your needs and desires together and send you some fragrance samples. On request, we can also offer you on-site consultation including fragrance selection. In any case, we will find the appropriate room scent for your chosen environment.

Which room fragrance device is suitable for my purpose?

- Please feel free to contact us at any time for expert advice. We can discuss your expectations and suggest you the perfect solution. On request, we can also offer you on-site consultation where we can offer you the appropriate technical solution for every room size.

How much does professional scent marketing cost?

- The costs of scent marketing are dependent on room size, technical implementation, number and specification of the scent delivery systems, room air quality and fragrance choice.

What maintenance is required and the costs?

- We recommend to perform a cleaning process every time you change the fragrance, hence every two or three months. Add 95% cleaning alcohol into the empty aroma bottle holder and run the scenting system for 10 minutes.

Which companies already use your products?

- Our clients are well-known hotel chains, nursing homes, department & retail stores, medical practices, offices, casinos, gyms, spas, opticians, kennels and many other companies from nearly every range of sector! Visit our Clients page to find our who is already using EcoScent.

Is it possible to create my own CI-fragrance?

- Upon your request we can create your personal Corporate Identity Fragrance individually according to your ideas and your company’s philosophy.

Do the scent delivery machines have a timer?

- All our scent machines have an integrated timer, which can be programmed easily and quickly.

Is it possible to carry out room scenting via air conditioning systems?

- We have a large number of scenting solutions and this includes scenting by air con.  Please see our HVAC scent solutions. Advice and installation services are available, just gove us a call or send us an email.

How long is the delivery period for your products?

- Please see our page for Delivery Information.

Do you deliver worldwide?

- We deliver to nearly every country using our reliable logistic partners DHL, DPD, TNT, UPS.

May room scenting cause headache?

- We recommend a discrete and subtle room scenting instead of a too offensive one. We are not aware of any headache caused by our fragrances, when scent intensity has been chosen according to our advice. Gentle room scenting provides significantly added value also for very sensitive people.