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Oudh Fragrances


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Arabian Oudh Fragrance Oil - 500ml

An Oriental/woody accord with opening notes of lemon, cardamon and saffron.

Arabian Oudh Musk Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A rich, intense musk fragrance intermingled with delicate floral notes.

Attar Oudh Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A classic reconstruction of the sensual aroma of attar oudh.

Rose Velvet & Precious Oud Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A chypre floral accord with notes of oudh, rose, geranium, jasmine and clove.

Sensual Oudh Woods Fragrance Oil - 500ml

A woody fragrance opening with spicy top notes of cardamon and black pepper.

Royal Oudh Fragrance Oil - 500ml

The fragrance of royalty; saffron and clove top this woody aroma with a dark musk base.

Aqua Oudh Fragrance Oil - 500ml

Spicy citrus notes blend with cedar, amber, leather and musk to form a rich, aquatic aroma.

Oudh & Gold Fragrance Oil - 500ml

Luxurious and refined; Cinnamon, saffron and sensual attar Oudh.


8 Item(s)