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We have a wide client base, catering to brands in the leisure, retail residentail and restaurant sectors to name but a few.

Did you think that the sumptuously sweet scent of candy pouring out of London's American Candy stores is from the sweets alone? Wrong! American Candy use EcoScent's Scent Marketing strategies to pull you and your sweet tooth in!

Anytime Fitness and Buzz Gym use our fresh and invigorating fragrances to eliminate bad odours and also to motivate those attending their gyms.

We recently worked with one of our regular design agencies and helped thrm with a Sensory Experince for the Unilever brand, where visitors were able to smell the authentic scents of Cocoa, Hazlenut, Raspberry, Rose and Vanilla.

Last Christmas, Emmerdale came to us to complete the festive atmosphere at their ‘Emmerdale Studio Experience’ and are now making new additions to their scenting portfolio by adding Coffee and Bacon scents to their cafe!