Hendrick’s Gin Summer Escape, London, Manchester

About This Project


Who doesn’t love a delicious glass of Hendricks Gin & tonic during this lovely summer ? EcoScent had the opportunity to collaborate with JCDecaux UK and Hendricks to provide that summer drink feeling for the London & Manchester commuters. By creating a colourful installation on several bus stops that was complimented with a lovely Cucumber & Rose scent. It definitely gave a boost and fresh energy to both locals and visitors of London and Manchester.


Project Type: Events  |  Project Location: London, Manchester |  Products: EcoScent Deimos, EcoScent Europa
Fragrance: Rose & Cucumber – Clients Bespoke Creation



What are the benefits of Scent Marketing?


  • Adds to customers experience.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Improved environment.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Stimulates the right emotions.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Visitors will remember your brand by its signature fragrance long after their visit.
  • Your signature scent can be seen as your commitment to cleanliness with the intuitive cue of a fresh scent.
  • Differentiate communal areas by creating an inviting spaces.
  • Cancels out unpleasant odours.
Bespoke Fragrance, Engaging Customers, Event, Gin