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Rent or Buy

  • With flexible contract terms you can select a rental term that suits your budget and circumstances the best.
  • Quarterly payments include the supply of both equipment and signature scent fragrances. Fragrances will be supplied on a regular basis with the option of a scheduled service and fragrances replenishment to suit your business requirements.
  • Rental options apply to selected scent machines and offer maximum flexibility, ultimately it's the use of the equipment not the ownership that produces benefits and profits.
  • Renting your scent diffuser offers numerous benefits including:
       All inclusive fixed price cost including the highest quality fine fragrance diffuser oils.
       Whole of life customer support.
       Flexible rental agreements.
       Flexible scent diffuser hiring contracts .
       No warranty claims, if your scent equipment breaks down (which almost never happens) we will immediately replace it.

EcoScent also offers a purchase facility for our entire range of scent machines which can be combined with a contract for the regular supply of fragrances and an optional service and fragrance replenishment to suit your business requirements.