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A Relaxing Environment:

Scenting a space can reduce stress and anxiety, especially in waiting lounges for those nervous travellers.

Sense Of Luxury:

Adding scent to areas like business and first class lounges adds value and prestige to the customer experience.

Scenting in the transport industry started as early as 1959 with the Paris Metro introducing the scent of carnation into their trains to increase comfort and well-being. Today scenting has become increasingly important to many airlines and other travel businesses, as they understand the value of customer loyalty and brand awareness. Whether your aim is to provide an added sense of luxury to your brand, create a

relaxing environment for anxious and stressed travelers, or to promote a clean, hygienic, and inviting space for passengers, scenting with EcoScent can offer the solution.

Brand Associated Fragrances:

Scent Marketing has become an important part of the branding strategy for many businesses. EcoScent has developed signature fragrances for many brands. Each scent is specifically designed for the brand overall as well as the aesthetic of the scented environment. The result is a signature scent that conveys the exact emotion and experience these brands are aiming to express to their customers.

With EcoScents scent delivery technologies (available in both HVAC-connected and free-standing models), we are able to provide a unique scenting solution for any sized space, ensuring your customers have a memorable multi-sensory experience.