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Scenting Benefits

Brand recognition - Scenting creates a unique and lasting impression with customers and adds value to your brand.

Prolong stay - Customers experiencing a pleasant scent feel relaxed and comfortable and therefore likely to browse longer.

Emotional connection - Smell is the most basic and direct sense and creates an emotional response from customers and can influence mood, memory and emotions.


The automotive industry is very competitive. This competition requires us to adopt new strategies and marketing methods designed to engage consumers on a deeper level in order to win their spending.

Whether your business is focused on manufacturing, service or sales, strengthening your customer relationships should be the top priority. This means you need to market your brand effectively – and in this day and age, that means designing an unforgettable customer experience.

So how do you enhance your customer interaction and create a memorable experience?

Scent marketing is one method that gives excellent results time after time. Think about it – that ‘new car’ smell didn’t happen by accident. In reality, it was a scent carefully created to cater to the preferences of customers craving the perception of newness and luxury by imitating the smell of new leather, carpet, and (of all things) plastic – and it worked. Since then, it has been successfully and constantly employed by used-car dealers for decades. It triggers a powerful and favourable emotional response in consumers – so much so, that it is almost impossible to mention it without eliciting a response of familiarity.

Scent marketing takes this concept a few steps further by creating a unique ambiance through the use of custom scent in the showroom. By using scent marketing in your own showroom, you can enhance your customer’s experience and strengthen their emotional response to your brand. And you can do all of this while capturing and reinforcing perception of your brand’s values, strengths and core mission.

The ultimate car purchasing experience should leave your customers feeling inspired to promote and share your brand with others – to generate the word-of-mouth buzz that automotive manufacturers and dealerships strive to win. Your scent marketing strategy should incorporate the fragrances and tones that personify the essence of your brand while catering to the preferences and desires of your clientele in order to encourage the positive emotional responses and foster ongoing brand loyalty.

Scent Marketing Explained?

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