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Scent Marketing For Casinos

Casinos are unique business environments

Casinos are challenged more than any other type of business operation because their revenue depends exclusively on others losing theirs. Usual ways of retaining clients are having no clocks or windows in casinos in an attempt to see gamblers lose track of time. Marketers have to find ways for gamblers to continue to lose themselves in the thrill and risk and the desire to return, ignoring the odds.

Granted that gambling can be addictive and that many factors go into casino design and space, it is still mostly the scents employed by fragrance that trigger emotional conditioning and loyalty. When fragrances were first used in casinos more than a few decades back, it was primarily to mask cigarette and cigar smoke, but today all that has changed and scents play a very complex and vital role in increasing casino revenue and visits. In recent research of almost 1,000 people, 86% admitted that an odor could invoke a vivid memory of the past.

The power of scent in casinos

Our third sense is very powerful because it is part of memory formation. The lingering wisp of perfume in the air can mentally transport one to a childhood kitchen or to a loved ones arms. A general study concerning fragrance used in casinos was conducted via a scented area and one without any aroma as a controlled section. The scented area increased returns to the casino by 45%, whereas the other non-scented section noticed no appreciable difference in the amount of visitors. One theory was that the aroma drew people to the area and made them either slow down or stop, making them more susceptible to gambling. Although it cannot be said for sure, it does seem likely that the room with the aroma affected passers by with a phenomenon known as olfactory-evoked recall in which the aroma pleasantly induced mental associations that enhanced the mood to gamble.

Las Vegas slot machines and the effects of ambient odors

According to Ha-ha Lung and Christopher Prowant’s book, Mental Dominance, at the Las Vegas Hilton, floral scents influence guests to spend 50% more playing time. Relevant more recent studies have also indicated that ambient aromas have a powerful impact on the behavior of the average gambler.

The science of scenting casino and gambling environments

It is EcoScents view that it’s smart to emphasise cleanliness in casino scents because it has an effect on perception, especially in casinos where clients can spend days not hours gambling. EcoScent Signature casino scents are all different as often each casino is looking to create a different or their own ambient fragrance.

The success of defining these scents starts with understanding that the third sense can be very tricky. Everyone takes in the aroma, whatever it is, exactly the same way. The difference in reaction lies in the memories associated with that aroma, which is different for everyone. That said, there are certain guides with which scenting strategists works; citrus aromas are refreshing; floral, cedar and other woodsy scents are soothing and relaxing as are herbaceous aromas which can also be invigorating, such as peppermint.

Environmental factors and ambient scent in casinos

It is impossible to escape one’s environment it defines the space in which people act, react and interact. This is particularly important in a casino because the activity and the environment merge as one experience. Some scents work better than others. For example, geranium is a warm, rich, uplifting and soothing aroma. It is also known to alleviate anxiety and nervousness, which are understandable when one is betting perhaps more than they should on numbers, cards, colors or the random roll of dice.

Scents that evoke cleanliness have a profound effect on the average casino player. This is perhaps due to the amount of time usually spent gambling. In addition, we believe that customer service and a ‘clean’ atmosphere are not only interrelated, but also explained 57% of the variance in satisfaction with the gaming experience.

Atmosphere from a player’s perspective was further examined by a study performed by Meyer and Johnson. They examined data from 195 surveys and concluded that other factors concerning successful casino atmosphere were: odors, décor and color, floor layout, theme, employee uniforms, ceiling height and noise level.

In summary, the balance between casino player satisfaction, loyalty and environment must be respected and delicately maintained. This means in addition to customer service and other variables, the proper scent is a must, encouraging your clients to stay longer and enjoy the environment. If you’re looking for more insight on the best scents and scent diffusers for casinos please contact us.

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