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Who Uses Scent Marketing?


Using EcoScent can help make your customers to stay longer & return to your store, which in turn will increases sales. We also design signature scents exclusive to your brand. Your SCENT LOGO. Every store would have a uniform fragrance that helps customers to associate with your brand at an emotional level. Also helps to register a pleasant memory of their visit, which in turn generates repeat visits. A store’s ambient scent air may influence a customer’s purchase decision. People like to browse and linger longer in retail spaces when pleasant scents are diffused.


Create a welcome fragrance that relaxes your guests & creates a friendly & pleasant mood. You can diffuse scent in the entire Hotel by connecting to your HVAC (Air Con) or use stand alone scent machines for individual spaces like the Spa area, coffee shop, gym, toilets, or bedrooms.

The use of scent has the ability to directly influence how your hotel is perceived and remembered. Creating unique guest experiences is a key trend for luxury, boutique and lifestyle-branded hotels. From the moment guests arrive, they want to feel that their experience is special. With EcoScent, you can create the perfect ambience and create a powerful impression with guests.

Your environment and brand can be enhanced through use of a signature scent in public areas like the lobby, lounges, meeting rooms, spa, fitness centre, and more. Hospitality brands worldwide are using fragrance to their advantage, knowing that a signature scent leaves a truly lasting impression on guests, one that remains vivid long after their stay is over.

Gyms & Spas

Ensure your gym space feels clean and fresh. Your gym doesn’t need to smell like sweat. EcoScent can help you with the right fragrance to create a pleasant environment and gain an edge on the competition. Scent can be applied to locker rooms, aerobics studios, steam rooms, and public areas with ease.

Create an ambience of well being & serenity the moment your customers enter your spa lounge. A relaxing scent experience lingers in your customers memory for a long time thus emotionally connecting your brand with customer which creates loyal & repeat customers.

Coffee Shops

Ever walked past a coffee shops & couldn’t resist the aroma only to walk in & buy your coffee? An aromatic coffee scent released near the doorway could even attract passing traffic or perhaps encourage diners to stay for a dessert. Now you know why your competition has so much coffee fragrance around their store. Create a amazing coffee experience that attracts new customers to your store & helps customers linger longer in your store which creates an opportunity to up sell. The scent of fresh baked muffins in your cafe may increase your sales of food due to the hunger response.


Customers stay longer in scented restaurants which helps up-sell. Scent also creates a sense of hygiene & removes odour. Research confirms that customers stay longer in scented restaurants, as compared to non-scented restaurants. Scent increases return visits since at subconscious level customers feel welcomed by the familiar smell.

Scent Marketing has shown it can result in extremely good results in for restaurants and cafes with a potential to increase food sales by up to 300%. The taste of food is almost entirely influenced by the scent which accompanies it. Scent can stimulate appetite and the smell of our favourite foods may cause our mouth to water and increase the chances that we will buy some. The scent of fresh bread in a supermarket has been shown to increase bakery sales.

Hospitals/Clinics/Care Homes

Reduce anxiety of patients & create a relaxed environment. Patients would love the welcoming fragrance in your hospital/clinic which makes their visit a pleasant experience. This helps build a long term positive association with your brand.

Healthcare facilities are interested in offering patients, families and visitors a pleasant and relaxing environment. Healthcare facilities are prone to human malodours, as well as odours from antiseptics and other chemicals making them an excellent choice for EcoScent premium scenting solutions.

There is research suggesting that certain relaxing scents reduce the need for anxiety medications amongst patients in nursing homes. EcoScent’s premium scenting solutions with odour remediation are well suited to eliminate malodours in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Shopping Centres

Use a signature scent fragrance that appeals to the masses. Using scent, creates a mood of happiness & excitement which increases probability to spend more time shopping & to have an enjoyable experience. Scent is an underutilised method of enhancing customer experience. From “front entrance scenting” to “whole of shopping centre” we can deliver the perfect scented solution to fit your requirements, customer demographic and budget. The scent should be subtle and enhance the beautiful shopping experience offered by the shopping centre. Request your free samples or contact us for a free consultation today.


Create a positive environment in your office & increase productivity & happiness index of staff. Welcome visitors & create a positive impression. Adding the scent through your office’s HVAC system (Air Con) or by using our compact stand alone scent machines is a discrete and ideal solution for most commercial and office environments. Our stand-alone fragrance diffusers can be placed in your waiting room or lobby area to provide a pleasant ambient smell when employees and clients are entering your business.

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