Get the Most from your Workforce – Scent The Air 

The weekend is over! Time to pull up your socks and head back to work. Do you find your staff have no motivation to beat the Monday blues? Well, we can provide you with a refreshing way to get back to work. What is it? It’s Simple! It is the air around… but not just air; Scent AIr, fresh Lavender, peppermint and citrus scents could surround you at your workplace.

Research has proven that Scenting the Air with EcoScent fragrances boost motivation and productivity. The human sense of smell is 10,000 times more delicate than any other senses. Therefore, it is pretty clear that why scents affect us so much. Taking advantage of this effect, big corporates try to attract clients by creating a stress-free, motivational environment for their employees.

Scent Air Marketing is a fast emerging market; the power of smell can communicate directly with our emotions and memory. Scent branding adds meaning to your experience of using products and services. For example, a Crayola crayon has a very fruity smell, so children associate that smell with Crayola. The smell thus becomes a brand association.

First Impression

Whether you are trying to impress your clients and attract new one’s or you wish to maximise the productivity of your employees. Just incentives or bonus to the employees wouldn’t work but you need to provide them with a clean and hygienic working environment. Scent the air, using air scents at the workplace can help soothe and calm the workforce with the ever so refreshing lavender and citrus fragrances.

Enhanced Performance

Studies have shown that people who work in scented air show more productivity and dedication towards their work. They make fewer errors while working and display accuracy when the scent like that of a peppermint is dispersed.

Elimination of Airborne Pathogens

Certain microorganisms present in the environment create an unhealthy atmosphere. Scent in the air with natural oil extracts can help eradicate these pathogens from your surroundings. You can even use them in your bathrooms, cupboards, and vehicles.

EcoScent understands scent marketing and scenting the air and thus we provide scent air services for public and private spaces. We have a range of premium signature scent fragrances to choose from and scent air dispensers, scent air fresheners according to the space size. Contact us now.  Scent the air today.