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Juniper & Cedarwood

Key Benefits of Scent Marketing in The Redan Bar:

  1. Positive Brand Association: The signature fragrance enhanced patrons' perception of Redan Bar as a sophisticated and upscale establishment, reinforcing its reputation as a premier destination for socialising and relaxation.
  2. Memorable Patron Experience: Patrons were greeted with a captivating aroma upon entering Redan Bar, leaving a lasting impression and enhancing their overall satisfaction with their visit.
  3. Extended Patron Dwell Time: The sophisticated ambiance created by the fragrance encouraged patrons to spend more time at Redan Bar, leading to increased socialization, engagement, and potential sales.


Through the collaboration with EcoScent, Redan Bar successfully enhanced its ambiance and customer experience by infusing the establishment with a signature fragrance blend of Juniper and Cedarwood. The captivating aroma created a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on patrons and reinforcing Redan Bar's position as a premier destination for socialising and relaxation in Wokingham.