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Branded Candles, Room Sprays, Reed Diffusers & Custom-Made Projects

Branded Candles, Room Sprays, Reed Diffusers

Our candles, room sprays and diffusers can have a significant positive impact in respect of your branding strategy and result in increased brand awareness and recognition.

Why not offer your own branded candles, room sprays and reed diffusers to your customers for them to remember the positive experience they had with you. These luxury items can be customised with your Signature Scent Logo branding and will please your customers while reinforcing the emotional link they have created with your brand.

Our scent delivery systems run on a specially formulated fine fragrance oils and we can easily reformulate the aroma into beautiful bespoke scented candles, room sprays and diffusers. With our team of experts we can manage the entire process and deliver an amazing product for your business.

EcoScent offer premium handmade 100% Natural Soy & Mineral wax candles to the highest quality. Excellent performance will be seen, using premium fragrances with over 450 scents to choose from.

We offer brand support and expert advice. Once we start to scent your business, one thing is for sure, your customers will give you complements and most of them will want to buy your scent. This offers two amazing benefits for your business. In addition to the increased brand loyalty, your business can create extra revenue by reselling your scent via bespoke promotional products based on your unique scent. We can develop beautiful and low cost bespoke branded products for your business.

Various sizes and finishes are available, get in touch today to find out more.

Custom Made Projects

We support custom-made projects such as special events, new product launches, outdoor events and much more.
Enhance your brand and join some of the most prestigious high street retailers, event companies, hotels, car manufacturers and independent businesses today.