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AC Milan Megastore, Milan

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Fresh Cut Grass

Key Benefits of Scent Marketing in AC Milan Megastore:

1. Aromatic Ambiance:

EcoScent's expertise in aroma diffusion transformed the AC Milan Megastore's ambience by dispersing the refreshing scent of Fresh Cut Grass.

The consistent fragrance enveloped the store, creating a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere that resonated with the passion and energy associated with the football club.

2. Brand Differentiation:

The strategic choice of Fresh Cut Grass as the signature scent established a distinctive olfactory identity for the AC Milan Megastore.

The olfactory branding became an integral component of the AC Milan brand experience, adding an extra layer of connection for football enthusiasts.

3. Positive Sporting Association:

Fresh Cut Grass, synonymous with sports fields and the thrill of the game, created a direct link between the scent and the spirit of AC Milan.

The aroma subtly immersed customers in the football world, enhancing the shopping experience and fostering a deeper connection with the team's ethos.


The collaboration between the AC Milan Megastore and EcoScent showcases the successful integration of scent marketing to elevate the retail experience. The Fresh Cut Grass fragrance not only differentiates the brand, enhances the ambience, and positively influences customer behaviour but also aligns seamlessly with the passion and energy associated with AC Milan football club.