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Key Benefits of Scent Marketing in Zocalo

  1. Aromatic Ambiance:

The collaboration with EcoScent transformed Zocalo's ambience, infusing it with the uplifting aroma of Lemongrass.

The Lemongrass scent significantly contributed to a refreshing and appetising atmosphere, elevating the overall dining experience for customers.

2. Brand Differentiation:

Zocalo strategically established a unique olfactory identity by adopting the signature Lemongrass fragrance.

The distinctive scent sets Zocalo apart from competitors, fostering customer brand recognition.

3. Positive Culinary Association:

Leveraging Lemongrass, renowned for its association with freshness and vibrant flavours, enhanced the connection between scent and taste.

The aroma subtly prepared guests for the culinary delights of Zocalo's Mexican cuisine, creating an anticipatory and harmonious experience.


This case study illustrates how Zocalo Mexican Restaurant in Soho, London, partnered with EcoScent to integrate the refreshing Lemongrass fragrance into its dining environment. The strategic use of scent marketing not only differentiated the brand, enhanced the dining ambience, and positively influenced customer behaviour but also aligned with Zocalo's commitment to sustainability.