EcoScent -

Project Type

Trade Show Booth

EcoScent -

Project Location

Miami Beach Convention Center

EcoScent -


Sea Salt & Woodsage

Key Benefits of Scenting the Cita Design Studio Booth in Miami:

Enhanced Ambiance and Experience: The Sea Salt & Woodsage fragrance creates a multi-sensory experience that complements the visual elements of the beach theme. This helps visitors feel more connected to the environment, as the scent evokes the freshness and tranquility of the seaside.

Memorable Impact: Scent is a powerful memory trigger. By engaging visitors' sense of smell, the booth can create a lasting impression, making the CITA Design Studio's booth more memorable compared to others that rely solely on visual and auditory stimuli

Visitor Engagement and Increased Dwell Time: A pleasant and inviting fragrance can make the booth more appealing and comfortable, encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring the space. This increased dwell time can lead to more meaningful interactions with the design team and a greater opportunity to showcase the studio’s work.


By integrating scent into the booth design, CITA Design Studio enhances the overall experience, differentiates its brand, and creates a more engaging and memorable environment for visitors. Additionally, scents can influence mood and emotions; the calming and refreshing notes of Sea Salt & Woodsage can create a positive and relaxing atmosphere, making visitors feel more at ease and open to engaging with the booth's offerings.