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Bergamot Tea & Mandarin

Benefits of Scent Marketing at Eevo Gym

1. Competitive Edge:

Eevo Gym successfully differentiated itself from competitors by offering a unique sensory experience.

Prospective members were attracted to the gym's inviting and energising atmosphere, ultimately choosing Eevo Gym over other fitness centers in the area.

2. Extended Workout Duration:

The introduction of soothing fragrances appeared to encourage gym-goers to prolong their workout sessions.

Members reported feeling more relaxed and motivated, leading to longer and more productive workouts, thereby enhancing the overall gym experience.

3. Enhanced Motivation and Energy Levels:

The combination of Green Fig, Bergamot Tea, and hints of Mandarin contributed to a noticeable boost in motivation and energy levels among gym attendees.

The scents provided a refreshing and revitalising experience, positively impacting members' workout intensity and focus, ultimately contributing to improved fitness outcomes.


This case study showcases how Eevo Gym leveraged scent marketing to gain a competitive edge, extend workout durations, and enhance motivation and energy levels among members, ultimately creating a more engaging and effective fitness environment.