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Neroli & Orange Blossom

Benefits of Scent Marketing at CogX Festival

1. Positive Attendee Feedback:

Festival attendees overwhelmingly praised the fragrant atmosphere created by neroli and orange blossom.

Social media platforms buzzed with posts sharing unique and enjoyable scent experiences, amplifying the positive word-of-mouth and expanding the event's reach.

2. Enhanced Event Identity:

The integration of neroli and orange blossom scents became synonymous with the CogX Festival.

Attendees associated the distinctive fragrance with the event, reinforcing and solidifying the festival's brand identity.

3. Improved Memory:

Scent's strong connection to memory was leveraged to enhance attendee recollection.

Associating the unique fragrance with the CogX Festival created a more vivid and memorable experience for attendees, providing potential long-term benefits for future marketing efforts and encouraging repeat attendance.


This case study highlights the positive impact of scent marketing on the CogX Festival, fostering a memorable and unique atmosphere, reinforcing brand identity, and leveraging scent-memory associations for sustained attendee engagement.