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Project Type

Restaurant & Bar

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Project Location

Various Locations across London

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Bespoke Fragrance - a custom, sophisticated, and gender-neutral scent.

EcoScent -

Key Benefits of Scenting Grays & Feather

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Scenting enriches the atmosphere at Grays & Feather, making visits more enjoyable and memorable for patrons. The bespoke fragrance, called Grays and Feather, captures a sophisticated, gender-neutral smell that aligns with the venue's inclusive aesthetic.

Brand Differentiation:

Implementing a signature scent helps Grays & Feather establish a unique identity and enhances brand recall. The consistent scent across all bars creates a cohesive brand experience, fostering a sense of familiarity and attraction.

Increased Sales and Customer Retention:

A pleasant scent can stimulate appetite and enhance perceptions of taste, potentially boosting food and drink sales. Additionally, a welcoming aroma encourages customers to linger longer, leading to more orders and fostering repeat visits, which in turn increases customer loyalty and retention.


Scenting Grays & Feather with their bespoke Grays and Feather fragrance enriches the overall customer experience, differentiates the brand, and drives increased sales and customer retention. Strategically placed in different areas according to the spaces dimensions, the scent creates a memorable entrance experience without overwhelming the patrons. This sensory enhancement makes their venues a more attractive and memorable destination, contributing to its success and appeal. The positive response from patrons, with many expressing a desire to take the scent home, indicates the successful achievement of the desired effect, leading to plans for a reed diffuser product.