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Project Type

Trade Show

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Project Location

Miami Beach Convention Center

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White Tea & Thyme

Key Benefits of Scenting the Miami Beach Convention Center:

Enhanced Ambiance and Experience:

The elegant and refreshing scent of white tea and thyme can create a luxurious and inviting environment, which is particularly important for an event focused on design and hospitality. This helps attendees feel more comfortable and engaged.

Improved Perception and Satisfaction:

A sophisticated scent can enhance the perceived quality and sophistication of the event. Attendees are likely to associate the pleasant fragrance with high standards and attention to detail, reflecting well on the event's organisation and execution.

Health and Well-Being:

The calming properties of white tea and thyme can help reduce stress and anxiety among attendees, creating a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This is beneficial for networking, discussions, and overall engagement with the event's activities.


The decision to scent the Miami Beach Convention Center with White Tea & Thyme fragrance for the Hotel & Resort Design South event proved to be highly successful. Attendees were welcomed by an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere, which significantly enhanced their overall experience and engagement with the event. The positive perception created by the elegant scent underscored the high standards and attention to detail that are crucial in the hospitality and design industries. Moreover, the calming properties of the fragrance contributed to a relaxed and enjoyable environment, facilitating better networking and interactions among participants. Feedback from attendees highlighted the unique and memorable ambiance, confirming the strategic advantage of incorporating a carefully selected scent into the event's design.