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UK Wide

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Amber, Vanilla, Citrus & Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom, Jasmine

Benefits of Scent Marketing in Retail Showrooms

1. Enhanced Ambiance:

The showroom's atmosphere underwent a transformative shift into a multi-dimensional experience.

Fragrances, carefully selected to complement the products (Amber, Vanilla, Citrus), seamlessly integrated with the aesthetics of kitchen displays, elevating the overall ambiance and creating a memorable sensory experience.

2. Positive Emotional Response:

Visitors reported experiencing a heightened sense of comfort and relaxation upon entering the showroom.

The combination of Amber, Vanilla, and Citrus fragrances contributed to a cozy and welcoming environment, evoking positive emotions among visitors.

3. Extended Stay:

The pleasing scents strategically encouraged visitors to spend more time exploring the showroom.

Prolonged engagement increased the likelihood of potential customers thoroughly examining the product offerings, thereby enhancing the opportunity for successful conversions.


This case study showcases the successful implementation of scent marketing in UK Wide retail showrooms, resulting in an enhanced ambiance, positive emotional responses from visitors, and increased exploration time, ultimately contributing to a more immersive and effective retail experience for showcasing Mini Pro products.