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Oudh Wood & Dark Vanilla

Key Benefits of Scent Marketing in Ridgeway Interiors:

  1. Luxurious Showroom Ambiance: The infusion of Oudh Wood and Dark Vanilla created a luxurious and inviting ambience within Ridgeway Interiors' kitchen showrooms, elevating the overall customer experience.
  2. Extended Customer Dwell Time: The inviting fragrance encouraged customers to spend more time exploring the showroom, engaging with the kitchen displays, and envisioning their bespoke kitchen designs.
  3. Memorable Customer Experience: Customers were greeted with a captivating aroma upon entering the showroom, enhancing their sensory journey and leaving a lasting impression of their visit. 


Through the collaboration with EcoScent, Ridgeway Interiors successfully transformed its kitchen showrooms into luxurious and inviting spaces that captivate the senses. The infusion of Oudh Wood and Dark Vanilla created a memorable and immersive ambience, elevating the overall showroom experience for customers and reinforcing Ridgeway's reputation as a provider of premium bespoke kitchen designs in Oxfordshire.