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Key Benefits of Scent Marketing at River Park Tower:

  1. Comforting Atmosphere: The infusion of the bespoke fragrance at River Park Tower created a comforting and familiar atmosphere reminiscent of home, promoting a sense of security and well being among residents.
  2. Enhanced Well-Being: The welcoming ambiance created by the bespoke fragrance contributed to residents' overall well-being, reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and enhancing their overall living experience.
  3. Emotional Connection: The bespoke fragrance evoked memories and emotions associated with home, fostering a deeper emotional connection between residents and their living environment, and enhancing their overall quality of life


Through the collaboration with EcoScent, River Park Tower successfully evoked the essence of home for its residents through scent. The infusion of the bespoke fragrance featuring notes of citrus, bergamot, coriander, jasmine, tea, amber, and musk created a comforting and familiar atmosphere, promoting a sense of belonging, well-being, and community among residents, and enriching their overall living experience.