Tania Bruguera At The Tate Modern

Tania Bruguera At The Tate Modern

Opening on October 1st, Tania Bruguera’s Turbine Hall exhibition at the Tate Modern focuses on the migration crisis while celebrating the theme of being a neighbour. EcoScent have been commissioned to scent the exhibition over the upcoming months.

A number of symbolic actions can be carried out throughout the exhibit. Taking a hidden center stage is a portrait of a Syrian refugee, Yusef who turned his life around and is now working for the NHS. The portrait is hidden underneath a heat sensitive floor and can only be revealed by the heat of around 200 bodies.

A low frequency sound plays in the background of the exhibition that is just enough to unsettle visitors; a slightly unusual tactic of creating empathy and comradery. Following the unsettling theme is the ‘crying room’. An organic compound pumped into the air makes guests spontaneously burst into tears, forcing everyone in the room to cry with one another.

Bruguera worked with 21 local to perfect ideas for the exhibit surrounding neighbourhood and working together in a community.


Project Type: Events |  Project Location: London  |  Products: EcoScent Deimos
Fragrance: Fresh Cut Grass – The advocating aroma of lush green grass the first cut of spring.


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