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White Tea & Thyme

Benefits of Scent Marketing at Maggie's Gala Ball

1. Enhanced Ambiance:

Scent marketing significantly influenced the overall ambience of Maggie's Gala Ball.

The fresh and clean fragrances of white tea and thyme added elegance and sophistication, elevating the event to a more upscale and inviting atmosphere.

2. Natural and Organic Appeal:

The choice of white tea and thyme resonated well with attendees who appreciated natural and organic scents.

Aligning with the preference for clean, natural fragrances enhanced the Gala Ball's appeal and contributed to a more pleasant sensory experience.

3. Improved Focus and Concentration:

Research indicates that certain scents, including thyme, may enhance cognitive function and concentration.

The incorporation of white tea and thyme through scent delivery machines aimed to keep guests alert and focused throughout Maggie's Gala Ball, contributing to a more engaging and enjoyable experience.


This case study illustrates how scent marketing, specifically with the infusion of white tea and thyme, played a pivotal role in creating a sophisticated ambiance, appealing to natural preferences, and promoting enhanced focus and concentration at Maggie's Gala Ball.