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Museum of London

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White Tea & Thyme

Key Benefits of Scent Marketing in Sustainable Design Summit

  1. Sustainable Innovation Showcase:
  • EcoScent is committed to sustainability and showcased this through its partnership with Ecologi, which has helped them avoid 18 tonnes of C02eq.
  • By using eco-friendly scent solutions, EcoScent aligned with the sustainability focus of the event, positioning itself as a partner dedicated to environmentally conscious practices.

2. Enhanced Ambiance:

  • Using the Titania scent machine allowed for a seamless integration of White Tea and Thyme throughout the summit.
  • The fragrance elevated the overall ambience, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere that aligned with the sustainability theme of the summit.

3. Positive Guest Experience:

  • Attendees at the Sustainable Design Summit enjoyed a positive and memorable guest experience with the introduction of the Brand New Rose Gold EcoScent Puck and the harmonious White Tea and Thyme fragrance.
  • The sensory engagement enhanced overall satisfaction, creating a more immersive and enjoyable summit.


This case study highlights how EcoScent transformed the Sustainable Design Summit by infusing the event with the refreshing White Tea and Thyme fragrance, emphasising brand recognition, enhanced ambience, positive guest experience, and a commitment to sustainable innovations.