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Green Fig

Key Benefits of Scent Marketing for MIXD:

1. Attendee Engagement:

The MIXD booth experienced a significant surge in visitor engagement, setting itself apart with a unique and immersive sensory experience.

Attendees were captivated, spending extended periods exploring and interacting with the booth compared to other exhibits.

2. Positive Feedback:

Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing admiration for the innovative use of scent technology.

The seamless integration of Mixd Unfinished and Green Fig created a memorable and harmonious olfactory experience, enhancing the overall event ambiance.

3. Technology Showcase:

The Bluetooth Barrel Scent Machine showcased its capabilities effectively, positioning itself as a leader in customized scent marketing solutions.

The demonstration highlighted potential applications in diverse industries, with a particular focus on home interiors and experiential spaces.


The MIXD booth at HIXS successfully leveraged scent marketing to create an unparalleled sensory experience. Through the strategic use of the EcoScent Bluetooth Barrel Scent Machine and the captivating Green Fig fragrance, the booth achieved its objectives, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and establishing both MIXD and EcoScent as leaders in the field of innovative olfactory experiences.