The London Cabaret Club

The London Cabaret Club

The London Cabaret Club offers a sophisticated entertainment experience combining fine dining with world-class performances and impeccable service. Set around distinctly British themes, the shows celebrate the rich heritage of British culture, past and present. 

The EcoScent team were honoured to add to the immersive experience of the London Cabaret club with our Scent Machines and Clean Air signature fragrance, creating a fresh and luxurious atmosphere, inspiring a truly memorable experience.

Project Type: Bars & Clubs | Project Location: London | Products: EcoScent Luna, EcoScent Titania 

Fragrance: Clean Air - a clean floral scent with a base of soft musk and warm, luxurious woods.

What are the benefits of Scent Marketing?

  • Adds to customer experience.
  • Given that visitors gave a better evaluation for the clubs, felt more cheerful, and showed more dancing activity when scents were diffused, environmental fragrancing is expected to have a positive effect on visitor return rate and future revenue for bars and clubs.
  • Increased sales revenue.
  • Enhances your brand.
  • Inspires returners and loyal regulars.
  • Cancels out unpleasant odours.
  • Attracts customers for longer.
  • Created a memorable experience.
  • Mood enhancing.