Three Mobile

Three Mobile

Three mobile is one of the leading telecommunications providers across the UK, connecting friends and family since 2003. Three moved to redefine the telecommunications sector and create a new category of retail stores across Ireland.  A new in-store information system allows customers to research more about products, shopping online or requesting assistance from staff. EcoScent was thrilled to work with Three Mobile Ireland to provide our Scent Marketing expertise, the new stores are fitted with a fragrance from our Signature Collection enhancing consumers’ overall experience, providing a luxurious feel to all Three Mobile visitors. The fragrance is diffused with the use of our premium Scent Machine EcoScent Luna. 

Project Type: Retail  |  Project Location: Ireland  |  Products: EcoScent Luna

Fragrance: Bergamot Tea & Mandarin - Green top notes, floral heart with rose & jasmine notes, base notes of sandalwood, musk & amber.

What are the benefits of Scent Marketing?

  • Adds to customers experience.
  • Increased sales revenue.
  • Enhances your brand.
  • Takes advantage of foot traffic.
  • Inspires returners and loyal regulars.
  • Cancels out unpleasant odours.
  • Attracts customers for longer.
  • Plays on memory.
  • Stimulates the right emotions.